helo, hi…

Shall we start off by introducing ourselves. Hello world. My name is Sharn and I am a thirty something year old female, with long brown hair and brown eyes, working as an Architect that love capturing hidden stories, taking pictures, playing tennis, being in nature, learning about the Creator of the Universe, spending time with family and friends, sojourning through the lanes of life and having fun. As the eldest of a family of four kids, we had the best upbringing on a farm in Southern Africa. No, we did not pat the lions daily, but we did walk around in animal skin while gathering berries and Kalahari truffles. Or maybe not really exactly in animal skins.

Since the imaginary animal skin days, life has happened and here I am on the verge of embarking on an exiting journey ahead. Please join me in sharing my humble thoughts on life, places, architecture, sustainability, relationship, experiences and long drop toilets.

Now, on a more serious note. This blog has been dedicated to all my married friends who chose to stay home for now and build a nation. Please be good parents and give hugs and not drugs to your offspring. To my family & friends, I love you all.

Let the games begin.

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