ready, steady…

and GO!

 T minus two weeks till the next page of my journey through life. If anyone ever had a slight headache or nightmare about getting yourself sorted when you go away on a short trip. Ha! The classic starvation anxiety goes even further than just over packing food on a weekend away… what if this or that or the other happens. Mix those thoughts with the advert planner and voilaaaaaaá! You have a heap of stuff on your bed that you might or might not use, maybe need or maybe miss… Not to even mention the garage full of things you leaving behind. Why oh why do we just buy and buy and buy and buy and buy some more stuff? Staring vacantly at the heap of clothes on my bed.

Packing up is hard to do. Packing in is even harder to do. As packing up has the challenge of finding a spot for all the stuff we gather. Packing in has the challenge of planning for tomorrow that you do not yet know.

How symbolic of our lives. As we live life, we make many choices daily. The consequences of these choices we then pile somewhere in our heart in the corner or putting things on the shelve over there. Or even fold it up neatly and colour code the stack and place this on the bottom shelve. But in the event of moving on, packing in. You always have the choice of either getting rid of the colour coded stack, putting it in storage or packing it in your 20kg bag to your next destination.
The question remains… what choices did you make today that you might have to take on that plane, and if you only have 20kg. What gets to go with?

One thought on “ready, steady…

  1. Welcome to the blogosphere! Indeed we gather much stuff. This is why Y’shua said to His disciples to take the clothes on your back & the shoes on your feet cause that is all you need, any other baggage may just be weighing you down… But take a good rain jacket! 🙂


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