sock it to ’em

…parting words of a Rabbi at Shul. 

As this is the beginning of my journey ahead. One can not help but have these nostalgic moments of saying goodbye to ‘last time’ things. Thinking of this special city with all the subcultures, creativity and changing weather. I will be missing the smell of the lovely sea breeze surprising you on a windless night. The super annoying fog horn warning the ships at night of the shoreline ahead.  Zipping through the streets with my Vespa on a summer’s day. Giving my tjommie that sells The Big Issue a high five at the robot every morning. All the good Shabbat meals! Peeping at Lions Head while taking a breath in Seapoint pool. Loud concerts in the Stadium. My flatmates closed-door with the small towel over. Singing homeless guy outside our block of flats. Some taxi service wrongfully buzzing our flat at two in the morning hours. Random spring-roll and salad dinners at the hotel next door. Lady in the Yaris chatting to me every morning. Fancy dinners with my foodie friends. Directors meeting and weekends aways with the girls. Book club in the winter. Regular lunches with colleagues and friends. Reading on the lawn in the Urban park. Staring at Table Mountain each morning as I take the highways around Devils Peak. Constantly chasing the minimum 36 visits by swiping my gym card. The sneaky lunch time swimming at Muizies or the Strand. Salads and genash at Osumo. Tokai forest lunches. Office tennis. Monday evening tennis. Random Tuesday eve sleepover on Stellies for early site visits in Somerset West on Wednesdays. Hebrew class Wednesday evenings. Random kuiers and jam sessions. Hikes, mid night ocean swimming, promenade rollerblading, moonlight mass and capturing moments in Woodstock with amazing street art as backdrop. Beautiful sunsets. Lovely sunrises. 

One can only be grateful for the lovely memories made in a beautiful setting as Cape Town. Friends and family you will all be missed. 

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