the flying dutchman

The last few days have been a real treat to say the least. Riding through the fields of colourful flowers on my true dutch style bicycle, the flying dutchman as I named him. He had a grand tour of all the lovely patches of bloemen. Hiding my very broad smile was not possible and all I could think of was that I am so in love with this piece of earth. Ever since I can remember my fascination with tulips have been real and to be part of this most beautiful time in the Duin en Bollenstreek. It has been mind-blowing, and I am deeply deeply grateful! Not only the very colourful tulips that have been in bloom the past week but also the last of the oceans of yellow and white daffodils, the purple, white and pink hyacinths and the most gorgeous little purple flower that looks like a kind of lavender. Absolutely stunning.

One can not help but be mindful of the beauty and wonder of the Creator and His creativity. As I walked through the Keukenhof gardens it was so real to me how Adam and Eve must have felt. To walk with their Creator in the evening breeze and enjoy His beautiful creation and the Life inside of Him and each other. If this garden is so beautiful, how much more the first garden ever created? If the first garden exceed the beauty of this garden then how much more beautiful His crown creation, us as humans. But even in the vastness of the beauty of His creation I am also well aware of how fragile the beauty and how tender the creation is. We can also not exclude us as human beings and how fragile life is inside of us and also our hunger for Life. To enjoy life and to embrace life it takes careful protection of the tenderness and beauty of life. It takes the admiration of life. Isn’t this the same way we protect and keep life inside of us? Not only mortal death as a threat to this life but the Life we have in our Saviour. Life in Him. He is the Life. In the same way should we not also protect and nurture the life in one another? Not only in the form of salvation but of emotional beauty through our humanity. Yet again this can be the life and hope we carry in our hearts. Because from the Life that is kept alive in our hearts we find strength and we find hope. That is when the hope and the celebration of the beauty and Life inside of us supersedes all pain. The whole creation is rather fragile. We all need Life to be truly alive. Could we not celebrate the Life inside of us more and nurture the life in one another with more awareness? Selah.

2 thoughts on “the flying dutchman

  1. you’ve got me in tears! Love it….” To enjoy life and to embrace life it takes careful protection of the tenderness and beauty of life. ” beautiful!

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