gratulerer med dagen

Was the phrase used on the National Norway day. What a lovely festive experience.
With fresh air, clean water and lovely natural landscapes. Beautiful forests. Stunning fjords. Breathtaking views from the steepest train ride in the world to the most beautiful bus ride I have ever had. Spring here is cold, or fresh as Europeans like to call it.
Do you feel like visiting this lovely country? Then bring lots of money! Come in either the winter so you can enjoy the winter sports or the spring so you can embrace the super green views or the summer, they say you can take a swim in the fjord then. Not sure if I believe this. Even when it rain the fjords becomes alive. Or the autumn if you want to see different colours. In other words, in my opinion. Any time is a good time in Norway. Just depends on what you want to see and experience.
Scandinavian architecture also never disappoints. The ability to use timber, glass and steel is something they know how to combine. The beautiful ice berg shaped opera house on the edge of the fjord is also absolutely stunning inside and out. With free wi-fi. As a budget traveller you kind of check these things very often.
On the special Norway day people from different tribes and villages dress up in costumes called bunads. These are normally made by hand and it looks amazing. Wool and flax and silk. Feels like you walking into a movie set. Oh yes and if seeing the king of Norway through a binocular counts as seeing the king of Norway. Well, then I have seen the king. He was standing on his balcony while waving at all the kids walking past him. This is a special thing on this day. But one of my favourite things while visiting the lovely country was to be invited to a dinner at a Norwegian family in Oslo. From war stories, to making bunads stories to giving advise on building façade to tasting and enjoying some traditional Norwegian cuisine. Absolutely amazing. It was really a great privilege and lovely time. Such a lovely family.
Something that became clear to me in this lovely country was that it is in nature that we can hear our Creators voice the best. When the wind sings through the leaves or when the water stream rush past the rocks. Or when the silence of an open lake echo’s the beauty of the creation. It is in these moments that we find peace for our souls. Where the beauty restores us. Gives us hope. Free us. So grateful for beautiful nature.
To my hosts in Norway. You guys spoilt me so. Thank you for the lovely visit. Hope to see you soon again. Hugs.

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