one month later…

in Europe…
Three countries, three international flights, three international train rides, many regional trains, trams, tubes, busses, scooter & bicycle rides, steps and many different beds, showers & plates… The last month feels like a second. But it also feels like a few years. It has been an absolute privilege to visit places. Meet up with friends. Make new friends. Experience interesting things. Sharing breathtaking moments. Connecting with like-minded people. Get inspired by lovely architecture and design. But most of all, most probably the biggest thing would be the travels one embark on inside yourself.
Someone told me that your reality changes around you the whole time and experience gets gained daily. But most of all the journey inside yourself shapes you and changes you. The beauty of this is, you can not see the change until you look back.
Someone else send me an article on female solo traveling. In this article one can read about all the good things that comes from traveling alone. You grow in confidence. Grow in loving yourself more. Caring for you. But also it brings healing. For me thus far solo traveling also highlights the moments of kindness from strangers. The moments of vulnerability when doing something for the first time. When friends covers you for a few days with their kindness. Those moment you know Abba is looking out for you. Or when you are washed by the beauty of His creation.
Life is interesting. People are interesting. We are all the same and all different. All fashioned in the image of our Creator. But different in language, custom, traditions and culture.

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