just keep up with the Joneses…

This is how it goes in the Grand Dutchy of Luxembourg.

As it is I decided to hit this fancy city with my old hiking boots, sloppy jeans, a t-shirt over a vest and my duvet jacket. Did I just write duvet jacket. Oh my, it must be all the fresh air here in the country side. What I meant to say was my down jacket. Coming to think of it, it also could have been the combination of Rasta beanie, cotton wool plugs in my ears and my big water bottle that made people stare at me. Well at first I did not notice this, but then I started noticing people’s reaction when they saw me. This was classic. They will stare and then I will smile and then they will actually smile back. I just loved this game we played.

Okay back to the serious world of travel. Almost everyone gave me a boring look when I told them about my plans to come and work for a week in Luxembourg. Some said nothing is going on here and others said there is only a ditch. So I almost didn’t come to this side of the world. If it wasn’t for the lack of having another plan, well then I most probably would have skipped this all together. But maybe it was the lack of ANY expectation or the amazing piece of heaven I got to call home for a week or the amazing hospitality of my Work away hosts. Man, I had an absolute stunning stunning time and got spoilt to the max. So maybe sometimes a little leisure does one some good. Okay truth be told, I did end up in bed for two days flat to recover from the first 5 weeks on the road and was supposed to pick eggs in the morning. Which I then missed altogether and instead me and my one host had some fun with a 3D model for her new organic farm stall. Okay, and my lovely organic meals three times a day did also maybe contribute to my warm and fussy feeling.

Also the cultural exchange that took place around the lunch and dinner table were truly as per Work away text-book quality. No really. In a good way. Some stories that came out were that apparently the Grand Duke Henri finds his temporary happiness in sixteen Bugatti cars. Yes this is not a typo. Sixteen it is. Very modest guy. At least he lives in a castle in the country side, so I am sure he will have enough space to build more garages if his happiness tank runs dry. Apparently the educational system is also pretty interesting and maybe a little frustrating for the locals. The kids first need to learn how to speak four languages before they can decide what they want to do with their lives and add more subjects to their nice buffet of communication tools. Kind of a sick joke for a small country to be squashed between three big countries in europe that happen to speak all very different languages. But imagine travelling the world with big guns like German, French, English and Luxembourgish. Okay the later will help you actually only kind of in South Africa. Pretty close to Afrikaans. Imagine Afrikaans with a French accent. But still. Lovely combination of languages to have. Which also brings me to the combinations of cuisines. In my opinion if you want to get a great taste of the best food and drinks in Europe. Just make your way here. They just stock the best from the whole Europe. The supermarkets here looks like boutiques. Everything shines. Looks like wax fruit and veg and they taste like they from the backyard. Perfect. Other products have so much variety, eg. you get like six kinds of quinoa or five kinds of beans. It is actually amazing. Biologisch foods are very popular here. So this brings me to the last story I was told. Not that I am a contraception guru, but apparently the Organic condoms here does not work for birth control. So please. Marrieds, do not use them when travelling to the Grand Dutchy.

Now I also made it to the ditch. Which happens to be a beautiful steep gorge with lovely nature, old steps and lovely old buildings. The Grund area was my favourite. Archie bridges overlooking cute houses on the canal below.

All in all a lovely experience. Thank you yet again for my hosts. The guys working with me. This was truly a restful time.

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