most photogenic country in the world 

…totally love this place Croatia.

The day-to-day lifestyle in this special part of the world has my European-envy now focussed on Croatian-envy. Such simple principles being part of the day-to-day living. In my home country or many other countries for that matter these principles gets seen as organic or some special lifestyle. But here in this beautiful place it is part of life. Most people here have their own little veggie pad, fruit trees, a small vineyard from which they make their own house wine and a few olive trees for making their own olive oil. As a local guy told me on my arrival in the Split area. “You came at a good time, lots of nice vegetables available now”. Seasonal foods gets celebrated and used. Spring time is good for different kinds of veggies like beans, paprika, zucchini, tomatoes, cucumbers and aubergine. June is also a good month for mild weather and is apparently less crowded. Also the lavender is in bloom. Soooo beautiful! I am told that July, Aug are crazy busy and some small villages expand to ten times it size. Accept for June, the other best kept secret here is September. Nice weather. Most fruit trees are then in full production.

Something else on the fresh produce side. You can find freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juice all over the bigger towns and pieces of fresh fruit at almost all restaurants or ice cream stores. Super fantastic treat.

So I had the privilege of tasting a handful of local wines. Not at all for sale. Just kept for guests and family visiting. The taste? Absolutely stunning. Everyone tasted differently. But the one common denominator, they all have a more fruity taste. It taste like you drink grape juice with a kick. Lovely. Made with love.

So apparently Croatia is the most photogenic country in the world. Well if you look at some of the marketing videos and photo’s, then I can see why. It was an absolute honor and lovely experience to take some photo’s everywhere I went. My favourite video was of Trogir called Inspired by Stone. You should find this on youtube.

 Tennis is a big sport in Croatia. Obviously this puts a big smile on my face. I had the privilege of playing on this very authentic court in a small village close to Trogir called Seget Donji. Not sure if the dimensions of this court is fully accurate and up to standard. But an interesting experience.

Croatia has many lovely beaches. With the clear warm water of the Adriatic that invites you to swim. My favourite beach for this trip: our own private beach at Cast Away Airbnb. But the most impressive touristy one would be Zlatni Rat close to the town of Bol. This place is huge. From the centre of Bol it takes easily almost 3km to get to the tip. Between this beach and Bol you find a windsurfing launching strip and next to this kite surfing launching strip. Very popular spot for these two sports.

So as my time draws to an end here in the Adriatic, the heat has filled me with warmth. Hopefully carries me through the low temperatures in Greenland. Take care lovely people of  Republika Hrvatska. 

Special thank you to my host Goran at Villa Milic in Seget Donji. You were so kind. Thanks for the tennis and all the other lovely gestures! Ha! had a great laugh when he picked me up from the bus stop on a scooter. Imagine. The two of us, my 12kg hand luggage, 18kg rucksack and a 5kg food bag. I was laughing and praying the tyres stay in tact! Amazing experience. 

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