transit to the Arctic

Flying from Zagreb to Copenhagen, how do you know you are in the right queue to board your flight? Well all the cool people are looking cool over there at gate 19. Looking forward to to creativity of the Danish.  Accourding to the Norwegian guy sitting next to me, Norwegians are good at organising society. So you obey the laws and things will be fine. He said growing up in Croatia they had to face lots of bribery and corruption, but had to flee during the war in the nineties. Their choice: to go and settle in Norway. He claims this is why the more law-abiding society makes him feel safe. Funny how we as people are inherently like this. Lawlessness could look like freedom, but actually it is in having rules and regulations or boundaries that we feel safe as people. This is something that we always say when talking about teaching children. But all people in their total being actually likes this. Finds comfort in this. Or what?  On arrival in the happiest nation in the world. You realise you are in Scandinavia when you get greeted by beautiful timber panels, timber floors, timber furniture, timber hand railings and timber most things. The interactive help screen, just after the luggage collection, connected me to a friendly lady per video call. She helped me within two seconds with my question. Took me 15min to get from the Kobenhavn Lufthavn to Kobenhavn Sentral train station. Six bed female dorm my home for the night in new and fresh Urban Hostel. Great location. They only opened their doors in March this year. Lovely public areas and a huge kitchen for cooking. Ensuite bathrooms to all dorms with lovely hot showers. The morning of your check-in day you receive a room door code per email. When the clock strikes 4pm, your code gets automatically activated. No long queues to check in. The wifi is amazing everywhere in the hostel. The best part of the hostel, it is maybe 50m from the central train station. Accept for the snoring giant in my room, all in all a lovely experience. Okay enough of my hostel review.  So my dormie from Australia had to catch her flight at 9:30am to Paris. I did not even get her name as she left the room in a rush. My flight was earlier, but she felt anxious to not miss hers. As I am about to sit down in the train to the Lufthavn. Guess who was sitting right across from me? Julia, the Australian. Surreal but nice. (Thank you Hugh Grant). As things goes, when I can get a hold of my favourite soya yoghurt. This with puffed quinoa, pumpkin seed and raw almonds becomes my breakfast. After 643 boiled eggs in two months. Just kidding. But an extensive amount of boiled eggs. You need some variation. So the tradition goes like this. You eat half the yoghurt the previous night for pudding. Then you have enough room to add the nuts, seeds and puffed quinoa to the yoghurt. Mix this all together and violá Perfect lovely healthy breakfast on the go with a tiny ice cream spoon. Until the spoon breaks. As the Australian offers her spork I realised the significance of us randomly bumping into another again. So sweet of her and the Swedish girl who apparently gave her the spork as a parting gift just yesterday.  On my way to Kangerlussuaq with Air Greenland, I got to sit next to a lady from Norway. Norway AGAIN! She lives four hours north of the Polar line in Norway and was laughing about traveling south to Greenland for a conference. Interesting things she said. Most native Greenlandic and Arctic people groups actually struggle with gluten and lactose intolerances. Accourding to her some studies showed that it is because of a lack of exposure to this that their digestive systems struggle to digest these kind of foods. Should make the next while little easier to maybe find gluten free options. Lets see.

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