The happiest country in the world

There is actually a country like this? Who knew. And yes. Not everyone has everything a capitalistic environment will expect from you. But the Danish have lots of contentment. They trust their goverment and feel content in paying high taxes. They reckon they benefit from it and therefore it is okay. For me, from a capitalist back ground. This mindset shake me up a little, although another part of me also feels drawn to it. 

One of my favourite experiences in Copenhagen must have been swimming in the canal pool. Island Brygge Baths are these beautiful and very inviting timber decks with bathing area on the Øresund. Which is the canal connecting the Norde Sea and the Baltic sea running through Copenhagen. The water temperature at a fresh 16 deg C when I jumped into these sunken cages. Such a clever idea. There are different sizes and depth cages that allows the sea water to filtrate the pools all the time. This is also the cities commitment of keeping the water quality in the harbour area very high and gets regulated all the time. If the water is not of good quality these pools gets temporarily closed.   

Being part of an experimental Jazz evening inside the Dome of Visions on the banks of the Øresund made me smile. What an evening of very interesting local bands jamming away into the night hour. One band worth checking out on Sound cloud would be the Copenhagen band called Vibe Ensemble. They even made the wine taste must better.

I would say the bicycle experience in Copenhagen could be the one thing I thoroughly enjoyed. They even have a bicycle bridge called the Cykel Slangen. Check it out if you ever made it to Copenhagen. ‘Futuristic city’ in the words of a good friend. The market in the afternoons close to the Nørreport station also have stunning craft beers and artisan food to choose from. 

Vegans and vegetarians. Hold on. This city was build for you. So many options and choices. Food quality in this country absolutely impressed me. Skål! To Denmark!!

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