making love to the Ice Cap

Should I add. Making love to the dead ice cap. That sounds all too intense and boarderline disorder like. But. All i can say is that I love ice. The more I see it the more I want to see it. This silent addiction. Okay okay. Before all of you start sending me concering messages. It is like this. I must be African by birth but Inuit by heart. I will most probably be beaten six love if I attempt to take on any arctic winter on my own. But hence the name Inuit. Which means people. It is in sticking together that they can celebrate surviving the winter every year. It will be fascinating and really fantastic to have the chance to ever embrace life in Kalulaat Nunaat. Lets see. 

Yesterday was the day. My new found danish friend and I took a hike to the dead glacier close to Narsarsuaq. All this means is that it melts off into a river but does not break off into the fjord no longer. This is an intense days hike. We did however cheat a little by mountain biking for about an hour of the way. The MTBing in itself was intense. But all in all, absolutely worth it to kiss the glacier in person.  

So, accourding to some, the black areas on the icecap are that of air pollution that comes from mainland Europe and settles on the ice. That also triggers the big debate on global warming. As it is, black draws the sun and causes the ice to melt faster than when reflecting the sun if only white. But accourding to others this is just the dirt that gets picked up as the ice rolls over the soil. Which ever way. This huge piece of ice is alive and has an effect on all of us. This island ten times the size of the UK and almost fully covered with ice, brings any expedition to their knees when attempting to summit. Any point of departure leads a gradual elevation to the summit at 3000m. With that in mind. It is fascinating to see the beautiful ice. Standing in front of the biggest piece of ice mass in the world brings tears to my eyes. Partly because of the vastness but mostly because of the unbelievable special moment this is. Only shared by limited viewers ever. Not to mention the rush in walking, touching and being on the ice. 

Wish all my loved ones can experience the unique experience of Greenland once in their lives. To my wonderful hosts through Workaway. You guys were absolutely gems found in a hay stack. Loved our moments of interaction and your kindness when my legs whobbled alittle. I wish you well. Hope to come visit soon again. 

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