return to the city of lights

the story goes like this…

where in the world do you want to be for your bday week? hmmmm. lets see. close your eyes. spin the earth and pin. viola. city of absolute love and lights!! yes. after leaving it behind six weeks ago… lets return. why not.

paris just keeps on loving on me. this charming, loving and beautiful place. this time here, also marks their national day. wow I did well so far in EU. attending so many national holidays. but boy did I meet my match. an absolutely fantastic cultured experience. opera, picnic and fireworks at the Eiffel for hours. my kind of celebrations. also the best introduction to a bday for miles.

when the clock striked midnight I had an once in a lifetime experience. hugged in the midst of a huge crowd celebrating bastille day. such an absolute absolute unique and heart warming moment in this crowd. 

what did I learn from the French National day? the-night-before fire brigade parties in Paris are so good. Eiffel tower fireworks are in the top league for firework performances ever. it is very possible to stand in a queue to go to the WC for two hours. public transport could be rather intimate this day. uber kind of overwhelmed. but if cultured festivities is your thing then this day in France will not disappoint. 

happy bday to all my friends that shared their bdays with me on the day and the month. hope you all felt very special. 

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