So of course I can start off by rambling on about the poverty, corruption, human trafficking or some other negative thing we all read on the internet. But instead I want to tell you about a lovely time I had with good friends and discovering a new culture in Moldova. 

In general, most everyday things are much cheaper than anywhere else in Europe. Even the taxi service came in very handy with their very reasonable prices. Although my absolute favourite thing was to take the trolley busses where I wanted to go. These cost you on any one journey not even a few euro cents. 

I even had the privilege to have my own tennis coach for the time I was in Kishenev. We played on an indoor clay court. It was fantastic and made me miss my youth. Wondering how my life would have been differently if I did decide to join Nick Bolleterie school of Tennis way back when. But for a week of my life my coach in Kishenev made me feel like a pro!!

I also had the priviledge to join my friend on her ‘off day’ as a mother. Ha. This sounds funny, but sure all the mothers out there surely understands what I mean. We went to the WATER WORLD of Moldova. It was really such a fantastic experience. The humidity got put in its place very quickly. We took on all the slides and then some. It was like being a child all over again. Amazing! 

 The authentic cuisine was so amazing. I was invited to many dinners and lunches with local families. The one lady we visited in the country side. She prepared a true Moldovian style beautiful dinner for us and we got to spend the day in her lovely home grown garden with an outside shower. Tasted her sun dried apples. Njammie. Super.  

Moldova is also home to the biggest underground wine cellar in Europe. Cricova has about 120km of roads at about 80m under the ground. The sparkling wine cellar alone is about 4 km long. Most wine gets stored in wine barrels for 23 years before it gets bottled. This has been by far the most exotic wine tasting I have ever attended. The setting was somewhere between some Tsar living room to a medieval dining room. We were seated and served like kings. The wine at Cricova is really very easy drinking. A Pity I can not take a whole crate with me. 

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