time to say goodbye

My almost four months in and out of mainland Europe drew to an end with a very energetic and unusual applause as the plane from Schipol lifted off. While listening to the bubbling away of all the kids around me. It is easy to float away into memory lane and remember good things and lovely experiences as my life got touched by some cultures, people groups and individuals. 

Keeping up with updateing my blog the last few weeks became almost impossible as I did some crazy traveling. Jumping from one country to the next in attempt to save money on a really expensive connection between Moldova and the Baltic’s. Stunning idea but too little time. In retrospect this was crazy to cover countries like Slovakia in a single day as I hitch hiked my way into Poland. Or spend a day in Cluj, Romania. Or an afternoon in Budapest. 

So for me, the challenges of low budget traveling and covering vast areas in a two week time period was maybe a good experience, as I learned from it. Or, one can say that this could serve as an appetizer to come back to some of the good parts. But from a processing and embrace the culture, experiences and people point of view. This was a stretch. 

Parallel to the fast tracking of my decision it also became more clear that as a person we easily walk in the foot steps of those that went before us. I suppose that is what makes traveling so interesting. Exactly the one thing I might not enjoy about my own culture. The more set in its ways a culture is, the more the culture becomes interesting as an outsider. But I suppose living in a very distinct way, can cause an aversion for those exposed to other cultures. But then again, in any given culture, moment or situation. Maybe it could be worth embracing the differences, similarities and traditions. And if these does not appeal to you, then for me it is hard not to judge. Actually judging, weighing and measuring is like second nature. It is a way of life in my country, with my people. But who am I or anyone for that matter anyway to have these strong ideas about things. These strong opinions. Judging and putting people in boxes or groups. So for me, this experience has been rich in bending my own life 101 rules. 

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