the missing piece

…sad to report that yesterday marks the day I lost my beloved water container. My pink Laken bottle with the oversize carribeaner. Current location: unknown. Last seen: overhead luggage storage area on Egged bus from Jerusalem to Eilat. Reason: Negligence. 

This post is dedicated to my beloved lost water bottle. RIP. Or actually. May you be found by a new lovely owner and have a second life. With even more fun and greater experiences. Alas. 

I remember my journey of actually buying the right water bottle. With Stainless Steel inside and not Aluminium. The size should be right. Not too small. Not too big. With a screw top and place for a carribeaner to go through so it could be hooked onto my pack. The colour choice. Brand. Exciting journey. 

But it’s been a thing the last few days with my beloved water container. As if we had a conflict situation almost daily. It started in Moldova a few weeks ago. Conflict between filtered tap water and cheap cold bottled water. The water bottle did at least accompanied me to the tennis every other day and the waterpark. Then in Romania it completely lost the battle against bottled water. I bought a bulk six pack of 1.5 litres of water and used it like this. Then traveling through Hungary and Slovakia into Poland the cold bottled water won again. It was so hot that I couldn’t be bothered. In Poland however the 5 litre bottled water got dispensed into beloved water bottle. Through the Baltic’s followed the same principle. So by the time I made it to Paris again. Water bottle must have felt deeply neglected and made a very bold statement by pouring some water over my DSLR camera. What a shocker. This forced me in a way to really take a time of rest in Paris and to not even test out my new lens. All good with the camera now. 

Arrived in Israel. Water bottle got ignored till my trip from Jtown to Eilat yesterday where cold bottled water got decanned into water bottle and placed above my seat in the overhead storage area. And then I totally neglect to take it again. Oooops!

If I can highlight but a few very interesting and exiting places water bottle accompanied me. The top place would most probably be Greenland. Where water bottle got filled with lovely clean arctic water daily from so many beautiful streams and waterfalls. Water bottle also witnessed the Bastille day picnic under the Eiffel in Paris. The last but not least. All the tennis games on European clay. Water bottle provided great support. It is sad. 

All I can say is. Apologies water bottle. Like I said before. Hope you get found by someone special. Take care. 

Now to add a different take on this whole story… In Jewish thinking water represent life. So in a way it feels like through the current events that maybe it is time to be open to new ways of carrying the Life in my life. Maybe it is time to explore just using and recycle a glass bottle or be open to other ways of containing Life. Not only to give the glass bottle a second life, but maybe it is time to find other ways to carry the Life. Because it is in life that we live that we sometimes get stuck by the way we contain it… Lets be open. Explore. Recycle. Live Life! 

But also seeing that this is the harshest desert and to arrive without a water container seems a little silly right. But maybe it is a good time to find ways to contain the Life in new ways. So excited about how this will unfold. 

L’chaim. To Life!

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