giving birth

As the Edom mountains gave birth to the ‘second’ full moon tonight, and released her into the sky to be. So very gently, graciously, but specifically. Like a lava lump in a lava lamp taking a turn. Goose bumps covering my body. How beautiful is this, when we get to work with nature and not against it. Taking a moment to admire the creation and exhale a deep breath after a busy day.

It is in the desert plains that my soul finds rest. Where I get recalibrated. On a sand dune that life makes sense. In the nothingness of the desert, the vast open spaces brings me to feel and become more aware and its here that I realise that I am but a fragile human. Much in need of a Saviour and the love of an Abba. It is in the coolness of the early evening that I normally long for a time of fellowship with Him. Longing for my Messiah.

Lately I have become so aware of how we allow ourselves so little space to live sustainable lives. Although the physical lack of sustainability was clear before but lately I have realised that this could also be pulled through our social, mental, emotional and psychological spheres. The holistic picture craves for the oneness with nature. It is in nature that we find ourselves or have a sense of connectedness. Does not matter what your philosophy, world view or belief system. Nature is the one thing that cross borders and gets shared by most as a place of solitude. To follow your natural rhythms and the rhythms of nature. Without trying to sound too much like a humanistic philosopher or an activist treehugger, it is truly in finding the rhythms of life that we get in sync with a more sustainable life. For me, this release me to find peace even in treading into the unknown of feeling, hoping, laughing and to be living in the moment.

So as the rhythm of life continue to guide us into the future. The following full moon will be changing colour here in Israel in about 28 days and counting. Hopefully visible from a sand dune in the Arava. On the topic of rhythms. It was only recently that I discovered that our body has a natural seven day cycle and that all systems slowing down every seven days and that honouring this brings life.

On the topic of seven days in a week. Also why seven days? Everything in life has cycles, rhythms, circular ways. The moon has a 28 day cycle. The waves has rhythms. Our heart beat… A wonderful thing dawned on me the other day while attending a teaching on how Shabbat and Ecology is so deeply intertwined. Where did the seven day week come from? If you take the moon and the 28 day cycle of the moon… There are four things every 28 days that we can be sure of. The new moon, the full moon and the two half moons, right? If you take 28 days and you devide it by four. You end up with seven. Hence the seven day cycle in a week. I have always been a lunar calendar fan, but now even more so. For me keeping and celebrating Shabbat has become a natural thing to do. That brings life.

So in conclusion. How can we be more aware of the rhythms in our bodies or in honouring the natural cycles around us or working more with nature? For me this is such a deep conviction and yet it is growing even deeper still. May we just be more aware. Open. Honest.


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