Wide open spaces

…it is in the wide open space of the desert that my soul finds the solitude it so often craves as i run through this live with all guns blazing. Currently while on the road this phenomena gets even more of a gold star. People. Places. Beautiful buildings. Lovely food. Great experiences. All of these can absolutely add good things to your day but mostly also take from it. For me, It is in nature that you can just be. Nature restores. Gives rest. Brings order. Life makes sense on the ridge of a mountain. The steep slope of a sand dune. Taking a shower in a waterfall. Touching the sunbeams shining through a dense forrest. Standing on a glacier.

Personally I most probably feel the most myself in the desert. Rocks, mountains, ice or just nothing kind of deserts. But my absolute favourite of all. Sand dunes. You can make me smile for years.  Wide open spaces of sand dune deserts. My heart comes alive. All those millions and millions of sand ‘korrels’. Most fantastic.

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