Parisians, my heart goes out to you

For me, the last few months Paris became an unplanned safe haven. My home away from home. The busses, the underground, the Velib bicycles, the people, the trees, the markets, the tennis courts, tournaments, the streets, the street art, the parks and all the falling leaves currently. All adding to my feeling of “home” I feel here. It is like yesterday that I posted about being madly in love with this city of lights. Like a few hours ago that I celebrated my bday here with a beautiful pre birthday fire works display at the Eiffel. And like a few seconds ago that I lived here for about three weeks, taking a break from the road. Processing. Getting in touch again. Allowing this place and its people to just love on me as I gently strolled the beautiful streets. Soaking up the early winter sun. Enjoy little photography missions.

Which will make sense why I would want to write a note to all those that lost their loved ones. Felt the shock. Feeling unsafe. Stuck in fear. Or just uncertain about the future. Please accept my deepest condolences. In these moments of national mourning. Of being quiet. Reflecting on life. Absorbing the reality. May you all find your direction to Peace. Truth. Hope. Life. Amen.

To my new friends and new acquaintances in this lovely city. My heart is with you all.

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