From Here to There

Within the next few weeks I’ll probably be on a flight to Europe again. Its been a while, since my solo travel skills have been tested. After a few years in recovery, this time round with the backing of my ‘blesser’ in the Netherlands and my host waiting with open arms. Open arms, not to hug me, but open arms to hug a tree. Ha! Can’t believe I just said that. None the less.

In the world of late blooming, it is perfectly normal to do crazy cool things till way into you nineties. Luckily I am still far from that, but I am a late bloomer. So lets rather be normal and embark on a student exchange just seconds after you have turned forty. I know. That just happened.

The dutch. They are a familiar bunch. I enjoy their natural inclination towards the innovative and technological hype. Lets see where this will lead me.

Unlike my previous big move in 2015. This one feels a hundred times less scary. Partly because I have done this before and also, I got a little spoon fed by my Uni. Okay okay, spoon fed sounds derogatory. We had an exchange induction which covered all topics you can imagine.

Soon I will be off to my planned interlude. Until then, lets get that thesis going. I need to complete this soonest. How exciting!!

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